Men’s Discipleship House


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Men’s Discipleship House

The Freeway Men’s Houses provide a safe and supportive Christ-centered environment for men to grow and develop their walk with the Lord. Our discipleship program is designed around principles found in the Word of God. Sobriety is the first step in long-term success; we believe discipleship is the key to life-long change. 

Each man is mentored through one-on-one discipleship and will complete our Seasons Classes before graduation. They are taught the foundation for living a God honoring life. Men are taught to be Godly leaders in their homes and how to care for their families. They are taught the importance of restoring broken relationships with their children and family. 

Through partnerships with local churches, each man is given the opportunity to serve in the community, at church, and at Freeway Ministries. They build lasting relationships that help them to develop Godly character, life skills, and accountability. The relationships often continue long after they graduate. It is truly a season that will change the rest of their life.                                            

We welcome men from every demographic to deepen their relationship with God through our 12-month residential program. If you are interested in applying, please follow the link below.