Seasons Classes

Life Skills Development


The Seasons Classes are a Bible-based approach to the life skills necessary to be successful, independent, and contributing members within the community. The classes are divided into four sessions (or Seasons) of 13 week classes which focus on a different area. We tell our students, “It is a one-year season of your life that will change the rest of your life.”

Season 1

Stewardship starts with learning life skills, setting healthy goals, and developing time management strategies. Being a good steward of time and resources trickles down to every other area of life. They learn the importance of getting and maintaining a good job, being a church member, and giving back to the community. By understanding the Biblical responsibility of being a good steward of finances, each individual will create a budget, pay off debt, learn to invest money wisely, and have an emergency fund. By the end of Season 1, students are well on their way to being financially stable and a good, competent employee.

Season 2

Overcoming the Past

In Season 2, we address the guilt of the past, criminal thinking, and unhealthy loyalties. Our goal is to break the cycle or pattern that led to previous damaging behaviors and the criminal mentality. By identifying these behaviors, we are able to teach the Biblical worldview and change self-destructive thoughts that hold people in bondage to their former lifestyle. Using principles found in the Word of God, we are able to eliminate misconceptions or thoughts that can be a stumbling block.

Season 3

The leading cause of relapse is unhealthy relationships, including family, friends, and romantic relationships. In this season, we teach what a marriage relationship should resemble. We help individuals learn how to parent their children. We introduce the principles of Biblical courtship, or dating intentionally, to create God-honoring relationships. Helping individuals navigate healthy relationships, establishing boundaries, being Godly parents, and dating Biblically, helps them avoid the pitfalls of previous relationship failures. Season 3 helps develop mature and Godly relationships grounded in the Word of God.

Season 4

Exit Strategy

Season 4 is preparation for graduation and leaving the Discipleship House. Leaving the comfort, protection, and structure of the Discipleship Program is both exciting and unsettling for some of our students. The goal of these classes is to highlight areas that could be potential issues, put a plan together for what to do when faced with these pitfalls, and discuss questions or concerns. We encourage seeking counsel when making major life decisions, maintaining accountability, and adjusting to setting structure for themselves. These classes are designed to be an encouragement; they are often taught and attended by past graduates who are looking to stay connected and strengthen their skills they learned while in the program.

The first three Seasons focus on developing skills to prepare them for Season 4 and life outside the discipleship house. We want each one of our graduates to be equipped and have support needed to be successful once they graduate.

Freeway Ministries is more than just Discipleship Houses. It is a community of people that create a family. Many of our graduates still attend our services, spend holidays with us, and serve faithfully.

According to a recent study by the Department of Justice, up to 83% of prisoners are arrested again within the first 9 years after their release. 90 to 95% of graduates from the Freeway Discipleship House do not return to prison after completion of the program.

By teaching men and women how to live by following the principles found in the Word of God and creating a safe community for them to develop relationships, we are changing the trajectory of not only their lives, but also their community.