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Our One in 900 campaign is designed to help Freeway Ministries eliminate our mortgage expenses. It is our desire to be debt free so we can continue the mission of reaching the hard to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, ONE BROKEN LIFE AT A TIME. When you donate to Freeway Ministries, you become a partner in all that God continues to do in communities across the country through our ministry.

How does your donation help us serve others?

Paying Debts

With debt reduction, we can in turn allocate money to support The Timothy Project interns as they serve in Freeway Ministries locations around the world.


Supporting The Timothy Project interns has a direct impact on our ability to share the Gospel. Our interns will be sent out to work in Freeway Ministries, churches, and other missions around the world.

Program Development

Because of The Timothy Project, we’re able to continually launch people into the ministry that serve, lead, and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others. New Freeway Ministries locations are able to be developed and led by interns who have had hands-on experience and knowledge of our mission.

Here are some examples of how The Timothy Project is impacting our communities.

Daniel Richardson

Daniel came to Freeway in 2019 from Mount Vernon, Illinois. John Stroup was preaching a revival meeting and Daniel was in the audience. At just 19 years old, Daniel was on his way to pursue a career in nursing. He was enrolled in college and making preparations to join the medical field. 

John asked Daniel in conversation, “What are you doing with your life?” Daniel proceeded to explain that he was going to college to be a nurse. John then asked Daniel one question, “Has God called you to be a nurse?” 

The last night of revival, Daniel came forward and surrendered his life to full time ministry. He came to John weeping and said, “Thank you for asking me that question. I’ve never been asked that before. I know that God hasn’t called me to be a nurse. I am doing it to make my family happy.” 

Shortly after that conversation, Daniel unenrolled from nursing school and came to Springfield, Missouri to enter the Freeway Ministries Discipleship Program. He has since graduated and has now moved into the Second Stage House. He completed Freeway’s internship, The Timothy Project and has been trained in recovery ministry. He is currently enrolled at Ozark Technical Community College (Springfield, MO) to continue his education while waiting for the opportunity to help start a Freeway Ministries wherever God calls him to go.

Joe Walters

Joe has been in and out of prison institutions since he was 18 years old. He came straight from prison in 2019 into the Freeway Ministries Discipleship Program. Joe excelled and learned very quickly how to apply and live out the Word of God in everyday life. Joe got a job, worked very hard, followed instructions, and became a house leader in the Marshfield Men’s House.

Joe has been called into ministry and is currently enrolled at Liberty University. Joe entered The Timothy Project to learn how to operate and oversee Freeway Ministries’ operations. He is ready to be sent out and willing to go wherever God calls him. Joe met his wife serving at Freeway Ministries and is excited to have a family of his own.

He is excited about missions and the things of God. We believe that God has big things in store for Joe Walters.

Mike Simons

Mike Simons is one of a kind. He came straight from prison in 2018 and entered the Marshfield Program and excelled. He graduated and moved out on his own.

We asked Mike what he felt like God was calling him to do… He knew it was Freeway Ministries. Mike has an “I get-to attitude” and not an “I have-to attitude.” It is so refreshing to be around him; he has so much joy in serving the Lord.

Recently, Mike has returned to the Second Stage Home in Marshfield, Missouri and is on staff at Freeway. Mike is an elder in his local church, Cross Bridge Baptist Church. Mike graduated from The Timothy Project and is trained for recovery ministry. He is a preacher, a humble man who loves God’s Word, and will give you the shirt off his back. In February 2021, Mike Simons became the Director of the Freeway Marshfield.

We are so proud of him and look forward to seeing God continue to bless his life.

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